From Beta to the Store

By : Yohan Launay

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Overall Summary

MightyDungeons (formerly DungeonQuests) is based on HeroQuest(TM), a very popular board game from the 90's. Game mechanics and design have been modified to fit the mobile and tablet platform and bring in more interactivity but the sensations of the game remain intact. (

The game has been built to be extensible and once released I will be able to publish new content, new quests and levels within days. I'm hoping to reach the strong community still supporting the original game, as well as bring in players that never heard of this game before via simple game mechanics and short quests playable during a train ride.

This game has been built on my spare time for the past 6 month, so far self-funded (paid for design and did the programming myself), I need additional funds to bring it to life: marketing materials, mini website, publishing, sounds FX, music, and additional content.


Detailed description of the project / venture

I started work on this game 6 months ago. As a big fan of the original HeroQuest(TM) board game, I wanted to bring it to the mobile and tablets while learning a new language and software tools for making cross-platforms mobile games.

Usually game development starts with design then implementation. As I'm no designer I did it in reverse. After about 1 month of background research about the original game and extension packs and 4 months of programming, I got 80% of the game ready, but with placeholder images (thanks Google Images), sucky graphics and ugly user interfaces. I then got my illustrator friend on board to help out with bringing the spirit of this game alive and draw all these monsters, furnitures, heroes, magic spells and game board.

We worked together for the following 2 months to put all the images and design together and we are finally proud to have a beta version ready for testing.

We are still missing a few things, which will bring it from beta version to released version, which is the purpose of this campaign (see below).

We will be working through Chinese New Year to polish things up, and hopefully get some funding along the way which will boost the game towards the release.


Campaign goal and use of contributions

I'm calling out on you because I'm almost there, but there is still a gap between "almost" and "ready for release". The funding will be used for:

Depth and Content

Adding content into the game: more heroes, more monsters, more quests, more items, etc. More depth and longer game life will lead to more active and happy players ;).

Supporting Materials

The game doesn't stand on it's own. I need to design and build website, blogs, support forms, as well as marketing tools like video trailers and other posters.

Update: Thanks to the first supporters we finally got a website: and the video trailer is now embedded at the top of this page ;)


I'm hiring a couple of hands to help out with testing on the dazillions android phones and tablets out there as well as iPhone/iPad.

The more phones and models I can support, the greater the reach and user base.


I'm trying to publish the game on my own and will have to spend countless hours trying to reach out to the communities out there. I'll be happy to talk to publishers if they see an interest in the game and as long as they don't ask me to change it's design or nature (some publisher are asking for ugly banner ads everywhere to cross promote other games for instance).


The game will be sold on the iTunes Appstore as well as all the Android stores I can think of, so once the game launches it shall be supported by the money coming from the sales.

Any supporter will of course get the app for free (via a refund of their purchase or something like that) for up to  3 devices.


Why support this campaign

You don't have to, but I will appreciate any help I can get.

You can support financially right now to bring this game to the market faster and with a stronger impact, or by spreading the word once the game has been launched and simply by buying the game when it is released.

You can also spread the word right now about this campaign with a Twitter or Facebook share.

I'm keeping the total required contributions low, because I don't need much, simply enough to push it out there.


Team and Qualifications

This game has been built by me on my spare time.

During the week I'm building cool stuff for radio stations accross South-East Asia (mobile and web applications  like MeRadio, 91.3, 100.3, Kiss 92, Hitz, MyFM, etc.), totalling over 5 million downloads. As well as other software related services (gamified radio experiences, real-time voting systems, etc.)

Having a strong passion for game programming, which started when I was 16, building mini games for pocket calculator - from tic tac toe to pokemon to sim city, only limited by the device performances. Later moved to more complex stuff like game engines (2D and Isometric 2D), and more recently built HTML5 games ( and moved onto native games for iOS and Android like MightyDungeons.

I've been assisted on the design by a great designer and illustrator whose talent is undeniable.

As for the testing, mostly friends, family and colleagues.


Check out the Demo (Android, Windows)

Android Demo:

Feel free to help with the testing using the following link for Android:

Works on mobile and tablet and the demo is updated regularly (2x weekly) at night Singapore Time.

Make sure that the settings of your phone allow you to download and install applications from non-trusted sources (me...).

iOS Demo:

I would love to put up a demo for iOS, but the closed nature of the iOS ecosystem doesn't make it easy to share with the public for testing.

Windows Demo:

For those of you that don't own an Android or iOS smartphone, I put together a version of the mobile game that can run under Windows. it's a bit crude but will allow you to enjoy the game ;) - Download it here: (click the "run.bat" file to start the game).


Don't hesitate to report bugs or suggestions to me:




Choosing the right name for the game

The name "DungeonQuests" is the code name for the game, required for coding and communication. It will be substitued by the real name when the game is released to the stores.

NB: A few companies recently launched their games with very similar name and we wish to stand out with a great name while avoiding confusion with other free or paid games

So stay tuned, we are opened to name suggestions so shoot us an email if you have some:

UPDATE: We settled for the final name Mighty Dungeons.

Team Profile

I am settled in Singapore building cool mobile and web apps for Radio stations across the region (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, China): MeRadio, SPH 91.3, SPH 1003, SPH Kiss 92, Hits, MyFM, Raaga, Sinar, Sonar, etc. Totalling over 5 million downloads so far.

Having a strong interest in gaming and gamification, I'm also involved in game studios in Paris and Singapore either at the board / advisory role or as a programmer and tech lead (

Planning to setup my own game company if my games gather enough traction.